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Selena Gomez’ BFF and kidney donor Fracia Raisa seemed to let the world know about her heartbreak over her bestie’s alleged emotional breakdown days ago. We’ve got her sad message.

No other friend in the world is closer to Selena Gomez than her BFF and kidney donor Francia Raisa. The 30-year-old posted a cryptic message about heartbreak on Oct. 6 and now its been revealed that Selena, 25, has allegedly had a series of emotional breakdowns over her health that has left her hospitalized. Four days ago the actress posted a series of five broken-hearted emojis but didn’t give a clue about what she was so sad about. Fans were asking her “What’s wrong???? Please say that you’re ok” in the comments. Now with the news that Selena has allegedly been suffering both medically and emotionally, Francia seems to have given an early hint as to why she was so devastated.

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