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Tamara Ecclestone revealed her four-year-old daughter is ‘almost done’ with breastfeeding ahead of her first year at school.

Surprisingly, she still breastfeeds her daughter of four years!

The daughter of former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone admitted Sophia is ‘almost done’ with being breastfeed as she prepares for her first term.

But the socialite, 34, said she was feeling ‘emotional’ about the upcoming changes.

‘I definitely think it’s something that [Sophia’s] almost done with and it’s phasing out’, she told Hello! magazine.

And I’m fine about that. It’s happened so gradually and I’ve been expecting it.’

The billionaire heiress and socialite is an outspoken advocate of breastfeeding, and over the years has shared pictures on social media of herself breastfeeding her child while fending off criticism from detractors.

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