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Cheryl left fans in hysterics with her latest selfie, as several of her followers were convinced she was asleep.

The 35-year-old singer took to Instagram on Saturday to share a picture of herself on a boat with personal assistant Lily England as they relaxed on a boat in Ibiza.

However, the singer’s mouth was slightly parted as though asleep, whilst a pair of dark sunglasses concealed her eyes, making it impossible to know.

Taking to the comments, fans were left pondering whether she was asleep in the snap, with some even asking if she was dead.

Fans wrote: ‘Cheryl u ok hun?’; ‘It looks like she took a selfie with you while you were asleep’; ‘Grab a selfie whilst she sleeps’.

‘Cheryl is clearly asleep. I wish I looked like that when I was asleep . Enjoy your holiday x’; ‘Omg she looks dead’; ‘Check Cheryl’s pulse she looks like she dead!’; ‘Chezza looks like she has died mid selfie’.

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