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Jack P Shepherd‘s lovechild, seven, is to be treated with cannabis oil amid his battle with crippling pain due to a rare genetic disorder.

Little Greyson Milewski has the neurological condition, Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC), which causes temporary paralysis on one side of his body.

His mother, Jack’s former fling Sammy Milewski, has revealed she hopes to use the medical oil to help ease the pain of Greyson’s paralysing attacks, which have been getting worse and now occur every day.

Sammy, 32 – who had a one-night stand with Jack in 2010 – can use the drug after a change in UK law makes it available through specialist doctors and hopes it will change Greyson’s life.

‘I have been fighting for two years for Greyson to be prescribed cannabis oil and doctors assure me they will give it the go-ahead by the end of November,’ she told The Mirror.

‘If you saw what Greyson goes through on a daily basis, it’s heartbreaking. I don’t want to have to keep him cooped up, it’s really sad for him,’ she added.

‘I just want him to lead the happy life he deserves.’

It is understood that Jack, 29, does not have a parental relationship with Greyson other than to pay maintenance, according to The Sun.

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