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April Love Geary isn’t here for people telling women how they should dress.

The 23-year-old model found herself being called ‘the problem’ when a fan criticized Ariana Grande for the dress she wore to Aretha Frankin’s funeral on Friday.

After crazymay_said women ‘should be modest and dressed APPROPRIATELY’ while telling April ‘you’re the problem’, the girlfriend of Robin Thicke responded: ‘f*ck off hahahah.’

Grande performed at the queen of soul’s service in a little black dress, which touched a nerve with crazymay_.

‘As far as her dress, im sorry, but when you share the platform with the women and men of God, or enter a CHURCH, or GODS HOUSE, yes you should be modest and dressed APPROPRIATELY,’ the fan wrote.

‘Chaka Kahn, Faith Hill, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, all secular music artists, but they knew how to dress when 1. youre at a funeral and 2. you’re entering the house of God (The Church). It goes back to just doing things out of Respect.’

Then the message ended with ‘YOU’RE THE PROBLEM’ in red letters.

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