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Tiny Harris is always changing up her hair with a wide variety of wigs. We’ve got details on how she does it to keep hubby T.I. excited about their sex life so he’s less likely to cheat.

On any given day of the week Tiny Harris can go from rocking a short blonde pixie wig to a long dark curls. Not only does it make her feel good to try out new styles and see what her fans like, it also helps her sex life with husband T.I. popping.

“Tiny always feels the pressure to keep things exciting for her husband. She worries about him cheating and feels like she’s got to work hard to keep him interested. She knows he likes a variety of women in his life and since she does not want him to go in that direction, she bends over backwards to give him variety in her own way,” a source close to the 43-year-old mom of three tells EXCLUSIVELY.

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