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If Jennifer Aniston is going to date a new man, he’s most likely going to come from a certain place, HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY learned.

Many are wondering what’s really going on in Jennifer Aniston’s love life right now. Her current schedule may hold the answers, we’ve learned! Following her split in February with Justin Theroux, 47, after two years of marriage, the 49-year-old actress hasn’t been on standby from heartbreak. She did an interview and photo shoot with InStyle for its Sept. 2018 issue, and was even recently spotted in Milan, filming a project for Netflix called MurderMystery that’ll be released in 2019. There’s a reason she’s been such a go-letter lately — it has to due with how she feels about dating!

“It’s difficult for Jen to date because there are so many variables that take place when she pursues anyone,” a source close to Jen shares EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. “Dating is difficult for her, so wrapping herself in work life is usually the remedy to not think about it.”

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