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Tiny Harris is such a hair chameleon. Two days ago she rocked blue locks and how she’s crushing it a long black wig with beachy waves and looks so incredibly beautiful.

Tiny Harris changes up her hair color and style so much it can be different from one day to the next. On Aug. 30 she debuted her latest look and its absolutely gorgeous! The 43-year-old donned a black wig from her favorite beauty website wowwighair who made the wig in her honor and this and color style suits her perfectly. It looks so natural, as its soft and shiny on top and ends up with long curls at the end.It has a full lace front and is made of real hair, which is why it looked so real. If she hadn’t told us it was a wig, we’d have thought she got some really great extensions and a nice dye job. The color looks so beautiful with her skin tone.

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