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Drake is absolutely devastated by the loss of friend and former tour mate Smoke Dawg.

Drake is in complete mourning for Smoke, 21, who opened for him during his Boy Meets World tour in February and March 2017 with Smoke’s music collective the Halal Gang.

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“Drake is taking the death of Smoke Dawg very hard. All these young kids dying for no reason like XXXTentacion and Jimmy Wopo hurts but Smoke’s death is hitting close to home,” a source close to Drizzy tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“Smoke was his boy, he brought him on the tour last year, it’s a huge loss. Drake makes it his mission to watch over Canadian talent and so this was extra painful. It happened on a street Drake knows well, it could have been him or one his family. It’s hitting Drake extra hard now that he has a son. Becoming a dad has put a new perspective on everything. He has a whole new respect for life now,” HollywoodLife’s insider adds.

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