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Recently, we have reported that Brad Pitt will look after six children during this summer according to the court order. In fact, Brad celebrated Father’s Day with the kids in London.

According to Us Weekly, the Fury star is “very angry” with his estranged wife for being “controlling of him through their children”:

“He will do anything to see his kids and have them in his life.”

This insider continued:

“Brad has taken the high road through all of this; he could have gone to court much sooner to ask the judge to intervene. He was done being Mr. Nice Guy and rolled the dice.”

Fortunately for Brad, the court seems to agree with him:

“The judge could have sided with Angie, but that didn’t happen. The judge made a thoughtful and informed decision that the children were in no danger while with Brad.”

We hope this all gets sorted out soon!

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