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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were just as surprised as everyone when her father, Thomas Markle, decided to do his first TV interview on Monday, a royal source tells ET.

“It came as a surprise. They were not given advanced warning,” the source says. “They understand he has been harassed by the paparazzi 24/7 but it’s hard for them to accept his apology when he’s again taking cash.”

“Meghan loves her father deeply and Harry and Meghan have tried to offer him support and guidance adjusting to the media attention,” the source adds. “But the relationship is fractured and it will be interesting to see where they go from here.”

“Well, it was a small amount of money, a few thousand pounds,” Morgan said. “He was offered stratospherically lots more money by different media organizations. He could’ve made a lot more money doing what he wanted to do.”

“It wasn’t about money for him, you can tell that,” he added. “The real motivation was setting the record straight, having his say.”

“I was honored. I can’t think of a better replacement than someone like Prince Charles,” he said. “He looked very handsome and my daughter looked beautiful with him. I was jealous. I wish I had been there. I wish it’d been me, but thank god he was there and thank him for that.”


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