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Recently, Susanna Reid discussed about her ‘Authentic’ Friendship with the co-host Piers Morgan!

She confessed that rather than thinking ‘Aww, what a lovely safe choice. Oh, my life’s going to be easy from now on. Brilliant.’ I was like… Argh!’

She said: ‘The man sitting next to me was spouting off whatever he believes, which I don’t agree with, and I was trying to stand up for my views, and the right for women to march.

‘But I had men telling me it was my fault he was saying this. And I was just like, I’ve had enough of men telling me how I should be a feminist. I’ve had enough of it.’

She said: ‘I honestly don’t know what Piers is paid. But I’m very happy. Every woman in TV is asked about her salary now, but I don’t necessarily want to talk about it.’ Is she competitive about pay?

‘No, oh my God no. I’m just not. I find it sort of unsavoury just talking about it.’ She is beginning to look uncomfortable.

‘I have no reason to be complaining about my pay. I’m well paid. And also, I think, why is this question for us individuals? It should be for the bosses. Shouldn’t there just be a rate for the job, whoever does it? Perhaps that’s the answer.’

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